A dream gathers momentum | Juwon Ogungbe

Juwon Ogungbe
1 min readMay 31, 2021

Some folks like to dream and talk about creating sanctuaries. You could call these envisioned entities all sorts of names — broad Churches, big tents, umbrellas, etc. In a mind’s eye, images are conjured up of beneficiaries and the dreamer sets aside the role of mentor for personal use.

Life often turns out to be more complex than anyone expects. Some are happy to be mentees, while others know deep down that they are not cut out for dynamics of this sort.

Would be mentors who get turned down are only human. It’s natural that they might feel disappointed when they don’t get their way, but if they are conscious of life’s twists and turns, they know they shouldn’t take rejections personally.

Looking at the bigger picture, it is healthy for an eco-system to have activities generated from a multiplicity of outlooks and sensibilities. Competition isn’t the name of the game. Having a range of options to choose from is likely to attract more attention and interest than a monopoly.

It is also possible that initiatives functioning within the same sector can learn from each other, which should be beneficial for all involved.


Originally published at https://juwonogungbe.com on May 31, 2021.