Are minds changing? | Juwon Ogungbe

The ‘nature versus nurture’ debate has existed from time immemorial. Exposure to influences and stimuli are undoubtedly important in personal development, while our conscious minds are likely to have likes and dislikes that are unique for each person.

Individuals and life events are paired up in multiple permutations. Personal perspectives produce new insights and approaches to problem solving. Collective consciousness is dynamic.

What is connectedness about, right now? What has instant messaging, texting, or emailing done to our lives, that wasn’t there in the past? Those who lived through the changes are better equipped than others, to understand what happened.

Why should anyone see his or her place in the world as marginal? A location shouldn’t be a determining factor in such an important issue.

Time away from the conveyor belt has provided time and space for reassessment.

Originally published at on February 5, 2021.



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