Honing skills | Juwon Ogungbe

Everyone starts from somewhere. I might be aware of someone’s humble beginnings, but I’m conscious of the fact that we all develop skills if we cultivate habits over long periods of time.

Yes, there was a moment when I was a greenhorn and needed guidance. This doesn’t mean I will be in the same position, ten years later.

Perhaps because of the nature of urban lifestyles, people often form impressions about each other and hold on to fixed notions, sometimes for decades.

In many cases, it probably doesn’t matter what another person thinks. All we can do is set the record straight when an opportune moment arises.

It is worth noting however, that skill and talent are not necessarily interwoven. Talent is an attribute that stands outside of time and effort

Originally published at https://juwonogungbe.com on October 4, 2020.