Preludes, interludes, attitudes | Juwon Ogungbe

Juwon Ogungbe
Jun 3, 2021

Information about human behaviour and attitudes is shared widely and easily accessible beyond the wildest dreams of folks who were adults several decades ago.

Naturally, some people look back ruefully at restrictive views from the past. Others cling onto values which they regard as deal breakers.

In some cases, material comforts are used to keep an ethos alive. Such situations are only as effective as the extent of one person’s psychological power over another.

With the passing of time, one reflects about conflicts involving agency and choice, only to wonder ‘ What was the fuss all about?’

Even if a horse is taken to the water and is forced to drink, no one has the time or energy to make sure it always complies with directives.

Originally published at on June 3, 2021.