Quality of creativity | Juwon Ogungbe

Juwon Ogungbe
Nov 5, 2020

Whether one chooses to function as a lone individual, or in a group, is a separate issue from the quality of creative ideas to be generated.

Track records are useful for attracting resources that pay for creative work to be done. This probably accounts for the number of folks involved in the arts who aim to learn and work in prestigious institutions and organisations.

After a while however, the validation of association is only helpful up to a point. Anyone who dedicates his, her or their life’s work to a creative calling should be aware of the need to nurture the energy for the long haul.

Some folks are remembered for birthing organisations, institutions or companies. Others are known for creating long lasting works of art.

I know which of those options I prefer.

Originally published at https://juwonogungbe.com on November 5, 2020.