What lasts from the past? | Juwon Ogungbe

Juwon Ogungbe
Jun 1, 2021

Do past experiences with friends and loved ones have much influence on the conscious awareness that makes us who we are?

The answer to this question probably changes as time elapses. Occasionally, one might remember an incident that happened in one’s childhood that is probably indicative of personal preferences, but then that moment gets mixed up with all the other ones.

Wants and needs tussle for attention in a person’s dreams. Limitations are often overrated, as anyone who learns to work with intuition will eventually discover.

Creative energy flows beyond man made boundaries. Investments usually reap dividends for better or worse, whether they are spiritual or material.

Legacy and the long haul count for something.


Originally published at https://juwonogungbe.com on June 1, 2021.