Reality exists and is always present. Escapism might give another impression, but this is the truth of the matter.

Facing facts is universally human. Anyone who tries to contradict this truism is likely to have ulterior motives, or is basically unprepared for dealing with life.

Is it really a challenge to be honest with the self? Airy fairy insulation or suspension tends to lose potency with the passing of time.

The brass tacks might not be pretty or comforting, but where they lie, there is conscious awareness.

Co-dependency is as, sweet, wholesome and healthy as refined sugar.

Originally published at on June 12, 2021.



Stillness has its merits and demerits. Motion is a helpful reminder of where things are at.

Maybe it was convenient to apply one’s skills and talents in a particular way at a specific point in time. Water under a bridge has flowed, refreshed and replenished the supply of an essential need.

Eyes and ears open, it pays to remain conscious, present and alert. Signals are often subtle and can easily glide away, unnoticed.

Opportunities present themselves and they can either be capitalised upon, or allowed to slip through fingers, like running water.

Constant evaluation is healthy for the mindset.

Originally published at on June 10, 2021.



Feelings of loss linger for a while, then suddenly reality kicks in and one accepts the inevitable. Camaraderie should be experienced in real time.

This doesn’t mean that fair-weather friendship is noble.

Time and distance do count for something, however. Is there any point in pretending that life doesn’t persist in offering new challenges?

Appreciation of shared experiences is valid and even valuable, but the eternal now is where things are really at.

I used to be judgmental about ghosting. Now I can see that each lane has its own twists and turns.

Originally published at on June 8, 2021.



A persona is worn, like a handmade pair of shoes. It becomes a distinguishing figure — the human being who puts it on is best known for being ‘like that’.

A visit to a repertory cinema to see a Hollywood classic is a revelation. Now it is clear where the persona actually comes from.

A look and a way of life are taken on. Perhaps it is safe to rely on tried and tested things.

Then one day, the penny drops. This is the source of inspiration.

These folks are not poseurs. They make contributions to the development and growth of those who cross paths with them. Their output is as valid as anyone else’s. Not everyone can be a prototype or a one off.

Originally published at on June 6, 2021.



It’s alright to dream of best case scenarios, but perfection is only a word or idea.

Hearts and minds have travelled far in the sci-fi based times we’ve lived through.

Everyone has reached a new point on the route. In many cases these points have little to do with the people we thought we once knew.

We have been changed. Concretised dreams have to take on new dimensions.

If a heart is in the right place, motivation and impact should still be in alignments.

Originally published at on June 6, 2021.



Information about human behaviour and attitudes is shared widely and easily accessible beyond the wildest dreams of folks who were adults several decades ago.

Naturally, some people look back ruefully at restrictive views from the past. Others cling onto values which they regard as deal breakers.

In some cases, material comforts are used to keep an ethos alive. Such situations are only as effective as the extent of one person’s psychological power over another.

With the passing of time, one reflects about conflicts involving agency and choice, only to wonder ‘ What was the fuss all about?’

Even if a horse is taken to the water and is forced to drink, no one has the time or energy to make sure it always complies with directives.

Originally published at on June 3, 2021.



Do past experiences with friends and loved ones have much influence on the conscious awareness that makes us who we are?

The answer to this question probably changes as time elapses. Occasionally, one might remember an incident that happened in one’s childhood that is probably indicative of personal preferences, but then that moment gets mixed up with all the other ones.

Wants and needs tussle for attention in a person’s dreams. Limitations are often overrated, as anyone who learns to work with intuition will eventually discover.

Creative energy flows beyond man made boundaries. Investments usually reap dividends for better or worse, whether they are spiritual or material.

Legacy and the long haul count for something.


Originally published at on June 1, 2021.



Is there anyone who doesn’t have boundaries when they deal with others?

There are moments when it feels as if one is being a spoilsport, but tolerance thresholds matter much more than many might be willing to consider.

In our random interactions, sometimes we find ourselves involved with fellow human beings with personal processes that don’t align well with our own.

When these occur, one can either choose to invest attention and energy in trying to struggle to reach a state of play that resembles a comfort zone.

Or one can opt for flexibility in collaboration. I know where my preferences lie.

Originally published at on May 25, 2021.